9 March 2009

Strike one to educate a hundred - Marco Travaglio


"Good day to you all.
The day before yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” in which he stated that Judge Gandus who pronounced Mills to be guilty of having been corrupted by Berlusconi, is a left wing campaigner and thus there are doubts about her impartiality but, he adds: “I am absolutely certain that I will be absolved when the trial restarts.” And anyway if and when that trial should restart it will not be Judge Gandus presiding because as soon as she has written the grounds for the decision in the Mills case which will have to deal with the role of the defendant for having corrupted Mills, that is the defendant Berlusconi, she will become incompatible. Then he added: “unfortunately a part of the Italian magistracy is politicised and it has used and still uses its power as a weapon in the political battle against its adversaries, in particular against the only person in the Centre Right who can have the upper hand with the Left. The politicised judges have tried to overturn the democratic result and they succeeded in 1994, with the accusation from which I was naturally completely absolved, after 10 years of trials.” It was the famous story of the corruption of the Finance Police. Then he gives the usual imaginary facts about the trials he has been through and says: “Conclusion: I have always ended up innocent because, fortunately, the impartial judges are in the majority.”

Naturally, since we are dealing with one of the greatest fibbers in the world there’s no need to underline how many fibs there are in these affirmations, however one fact is interesting: we have often talked about the results already brought about by the campaign of recent years against the magistrates that are dealing with the powerful people to apply the law in an equal manner for everyone, for them as well as the poor souls. They have been exterminated. Di Pietro was obliged to leave the magistracy with the well known blackmail of the dossiers in the Brescia trials, Clementina Forleo has been thrown out of Milan after having dealt with Unipol, Luigi De Magistris has been thrown out Catanzaro after dealing with criminal political-judicial filth in the region of Calabria, the Salerno magistrates have been thrown out after having put their noses in those affairs; so basically, we have always used a slogan that we borrowed from Mao and the Red Brigades: strike one to educate one hundred, strike two, three, five, seven, ten, fifteen to educate all ten thousand of them."


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Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists.

The programme that’s planned:

9.15 am registration
Introduction - Beppe Grillo
Politics - Marco Travaglio
Environment - Maurizio Pallante
Health - P. Gentilini, G. Miserotti, M. Bolognini
Energy - Marco Boschini
Recycling - Matteo Incerti
Connectivity - Maurizio Gotta (Anti Digital Divide)
Rights of the citizens - Sonia Alfano
Water - Riccardo Petrella

Watch the recording of the morning’s programme


Presentation of the Civic Lists website
Speeches from the Civic Lists and the Meetups
Conclusion - Beppe Grillo

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7 March 2009

Give a big kiss to Florence

Beppe Grillo on Sky Nightline 06.03.09

Last night I was interviewed live on air by the SkyTG24 news service. This is something that hasn’t happened to me in the past fifteen years! Here is an extract of the video text.

Journalist: “So, as we promised, I would like to welcome Beppe Grillo who is joining us live on air on Nightline SkyTg24. Good evening Beppe, thank you for joining us”.
Beppe: “Thank you, Thank you indeed. Finally, after fifteen years, here I am live on the television. You are only the second the second lot of people filming me live, after the Police’s General Investigation and Special Operations Unit, that is. So everything is okay. On top of it all, your TV channel is absolutely extraordinary, you almost feel like family. ‘Gino, have you seen this? Hi Cinzia! How are you? Are you there? Say hi to Davide …’ I don’t know why it is, but I don’t know what to say. There are billions of things that I would like to talk about. I have not given a live interview on television since 1993. But I want to be brief because we are busy putting together something that has been five years in the making and that will maybe come to fruition in Florence on Sunday.
We have spoken about the Civic Lists. Has anyone perhaps heard about the Civic Lists, the Meetups, the Blog… It is something that began five years ago. I was working as a comedian at the time and then I learned about Meetups and Blogs in the United States. I proceeded to set up a blog and, thanks to the participation of thousands of people, of informed citizens, we became the seventh biggest Blog in the world of one billion users worldwide, that is according to Forbes.
The Web is busy changing the world as we know it, with the social networks, with Facebook, with MySpace and with the Blogs. The Internet is changing people’s lives.
Journalist: “Because of your attitude regarding the Internet and technology, certain people have labelled you as the Italian Obama. This is certainly not because of your skin colour.”
Beppe: “Obama is copying me. He is copying all of us. I’m not joking. Obama has risen to stardom thanks to the Web. He posts potential new laws on the Web and allows ten days for people to discuss these laws before signing them. He is a man of the people and he is financed by the people. His very first speech was posted on Youtube and his support base is the people. It is a down-up, or upside down democracy. Here in Italy we have a total impasse and we are in the middle of a crisis that will provide a severe beating to these psychodwarfs, dancers, gnomes, elves and friends of friends. We are raving mad. There is a general economic and political madness all around us. The parties have disappeared. When I said that the parties were busy dying, they accused me of practicing anti-politics. Do you remember? Yet now they have all disappeared. They disappeared because they never really existed in the first place. There was no real left wing, there was no real right wing and there was no real opposition. All that there was, was a general taking the piss out of millions of citizens. Elections were held without the voters being able to choose their preferred candidate. We are sitting with 18 sentenced criminals still in our Parliament. The outlaws are making the laws. We have about one hundred more that are already found guilty and awaiting appeals, awaiting trial, statute barred offenders and plea-bargainers. You name them and we have them. Our Parliament has become little more than a rubbish dump.
Journalist: “You have clearly jumped in with both feet and immediately started talking about important political issues.”
Beppe: “No, this is not politics. I’m talking about toxic and hazardous waste. This is not politics. Politics involves overturning the status quo. It means sending the parties home. Informed citizens, with helmets. Informed citizens that draft civic lists. Civic lists, getting into City Hall. That is where the quality of life of the citizens is decided. In the various Municipalities.”
Journalist: “Okay. Let’s start here then. On Sunday, in Florence, you will be presenting you “Civic Lists for a New Renaissance” as you have called them. Many young candidates and, above all, people with certain very precise characteristics required in order to become a part of this project.”
Beppe: “Yes, that is the idea behind these Civic Lists. They grew partly out of the Meetups, which are groups of people that work with me and share my vision, in fact our vision. These are real 5-Star Civic Lists. We are discussing the real issues, real politics. We talk about the recycling of refuse, we talk about door-to-door differentiated refuse collection rather than about incinerators, we talk about WiFi and about free, unlimited connectivity. We talk about. That is the madness of these people, who are spending millions that they don’t have in the first place, on infrastructure that is totally absurd and they will never be built. Because mobility has nothing to with getting some trucks across bridges, corridor five or linking Turkey with the Ukraine. They are going insane. The mobility of the future is all about moving as little as possible. All about circulating ideas. The Internet is mobility. […] There is a 27-year old from Treviso that has developed a huge following thanks to two ideas. He currently earns 250 Euro per month and he lives in the district of Treviso, a pretty large municipality. This young man has done two things: firstly he organised differentiated refuse collection at 90 schools, at no cost to either the municipality or to the schools themselves. Secondly, he devised an open source software programme. Via Skype and with only one call, any resident of Treviso can now make contact with the person that can solve his/her problem, without having to climb in the car and drive anywhere, thus increasing the traffic jams. Via Skype, only one chat on Skype. At no cost to the municipality. We have forty-thousand such ideas. Free access to the Internet …”
Journalist: “Why is it so difficult to get these ideas off the ground when these ideas could be coming from small local councils?”
Beppe: “We start from the other end. We start from the communities. We have launched a “breathe down their necks” campaign. Currently it is like a resident who goes to his own home, where he finds his employees holding a meeting to discuss his life and gamble with his property and his quality of life, yet they don’t even allow him in to the meeting. The residents would like to attend these meetings, film the proceedings and post them on the Web. When these people are filmed and exposed on the information highway that is the Web, then everyone will know what games they have been playing, and that is precisely why they don’t want to be filmed. The answer is simple. Let’s get rid of these seventy year old geriatrics. Away with them. Bring in some new blood. Residents that can start in the town councils and then move from there on to the regional councils and perhaps eventually from there into Parliament. We talk about public water. I would like to know what the right wingers and left wingers think about privatising water and allowing it to be owned by some or other “Pty Ltd”. I want to know what they think about WiFi. Our current law is absolutely unbelievable. One you will only find here in Italy, in Burma and in China. The infamous Pisanu Law. I personally watched that half-pint, Pisanu, go on television and make believe that is a democrat. As a matter of fact, with his anti-terrorism law, he succeeded in blocking free WiFi. Go to Paris or to London and you will find people working on their computers in the libraries and in the parks, like in many other cities around the world. We, instead have some very serious shortcomings […]
To summarise what I have said then, there are a number of young people that have been addressing these issues, namely water, incinerators, energy, WiFi, mobility and transportation, in other words the real issues, for the past five years. We have discussed these ideas, debated these ideas with Nobel Prize winners, because that is what they are being called on the Web and, well, these young people will appear on the civic lists. They are nobodies, they are only youngsters. They don’t have a cent, none of us have any money, we are not being financed by anybody and we receive no subsidies. The media is obviously against us. This is my very first television interview. That is why I am so happy and why I’m trying to be brief so that I can explain what has been happening in my life for the past five years. […] I repeat. There will be civic lists. I believe in them because I have put my life and my profession into them. I have put everything on the line for this project. Just as thousands of youngsters and young adults have done, simply because they want to know that they have some good prospects for the future. The civic list are only the first step and it won’t stop there. The process has been slow because we are having to fight against the media, especially the newspapers. But we are like a virus that attacks from below and they will never get rid of us. You can try, but you won’t get rid of us, ever. Thank you for the interview.[…]
Journalist: “Let me add just one final postscript. The time and place of the appointment in Florence?”
Beppe: “The appointment is at the Saschall Theatre in Florence. I will be there from 10 in the morning until late night and there will also be a number of other people making speeches. There will even be some big names. Riccardo Petrella will be talking about water being a public asset, because he is the world’s greatest philosopher on the topic of water. He is a marvellous person and a professor. There will be a number of professors, doctors and journalists talking on the day. Travaglio will be there, as will a number of economists. There will be a number of fantastic people there, the same ones that attended the Vday event, names that you have not even mentioned. We will be leaving the city with the “Florence Bill” in hand, the famous Florence Bill. I have great faith in this city. The Florence Bill will reflect the twelve things that we want to achieve in all our towns, with every civic list under our control. The names on the list must be youngsters with no criminal record and must not have held public office for longer than one term, must be residents of the town that they will be representing politically.”
Journalist: “We will be reporting back on the event, as proven by this, your first interview since 1993. Thank you Beppe Grillo.”
Beppe: “I thank you. Many thanks to you and, as always, to the General Investigation and Special Operations Unit!”

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6 March 2009

The Orsi Bill and the assassination of nature

Hunters at sixteen years of age

Nature is worthless. We would rather have concrete and double-barrelled shotguns in the hands of sixteen year olds, with which they can exterminate the last few wild animals that are still around. LIPU has examined the Orsi Bill and compared it to the current animal protection legislation. Franco Orsi of the PDL should call himself "Big Hunter" or "Son of Boss(ol)i". What we should be doing is organising patrols to check what our parliamentarians are getting up to. Day by day these guys are trying to make our lives more miserable.
Here is one of many e-mails I have received regarding the Orsi Bill.

"The Bill proposed by Senator Franco Orsi: an endless list of errors.
Out of the Senate, in recent days, has come one of the most serious attacks on Nature, in other words on animal, on our Parks and even on our own safety: a bill that calls for the total liberalisation of hunting. Signed by Senator Franco Orsi.
Animals used as decoys, hunting in our Parks, reduction of protected areas, the slaughter of bears, wolves and stray cats and dogs and many more vile deeds.
Law 157/1992, the only existing law that directly protects the wild fauna in our Parks, is about to be torn to shreds.

Here is the list of horrors:
- Gone are the national and international interests as regards the protection of animals. Italy has an irrefutable heritage, namely our wild animals, which he is apparently no longer interested in protecting!
- Gone is the definition of super-protected species. In Italy, animals such as the wolf, the bear, the eagles, the flamingos, the swans, the storks and many others, will no longer enjoy the special protection envisaged by the European Union and international regulations.
- Hunting season open along the migration routes, something that will undoubtedly create a major disturbance and will encourage poaching in areas that are very important in terms of the difficult voyage and essential stopovers undertaken by the migratory birds.
- Total liberalisation of rules regarding live decoys! Are you aware of precisely what live decoys are? They are live birds held “prisoner” in the tiniest of cages for the purpose of attracting other birds. This terrible practice is already permitted by the current legislation, albeit with certain restrictions. But Senator Orsi now wants to liberalise this practice totally. It will be possible to keep and use an unlimited number of these decoys. Gone will be the identification rings for live decoys. All that will be required is a certificate. One certificate for all of these decoys! Hunters will be able to use any species of birds as decoys, whether legal prey or not, even bramblings, chaffinches and redbreasts.
- 700 thousand taxidermists. The hunters themselves will automatically become taxidermists, without even having to follow any procedures. Animals killed and stuffed without any rules. How many poachers do you think are going to spring into action to illegally capture and stuff wild animals?
- Scientific research eliminated. The State’s own scientific authority (the “Istituto Nazionale per la Fauna Selvatica” or National Institute for Wild Fauna – currently known as the “ISPRA”) is at risk of being totally replaced by regional institutes. These regional institutes will thus be issuing opinions on national and European Union matters. Plus the very real possibility of not being able to carry out studies or research, or establish uniform standards valid throughout the Country.
- Open hunting season in our Parks, for currently protected species. The incredible formulation of the Orsi Bill will make it possible to get exemptions (in other words, to get permission to hunt otherwise protected species), even in our Parks and other protected areas! Regions that protect more than 30% of their regional territory will be penalised! How offensive is that ruling! Those who protect too much “Nature” will be punished. As if creating a park, where people and animals can move about freely, were a punishable crime!
- Hunting licences issued to 16-year olds. Instead of teaching our kids respect, we now give them rifles!
- Freedom to exterminate wolves, bears, deer, stray cats and dogs, etcetera! An incredible provision that gives the mayor the power to authorise the slaughter and extermination of animals, in total contradiction of even the most basic of European standards. All that is needed is that there is be “problem animal”. A veritable naturalistic “Wild West”.
- Regional legislation permitting the hunting of protected species. Apparently, four European Union infractions and two four European Union infractions Constitutional Court rulings were not enough. Senator Orsi is about to give the Veneto and Lombardy regions, or rather the Ultras of the hunting world, a gift, namely a chance to hunt protected species, and to do so using regional legislation. I suppose we will be forced to pay the European Union fines too!
- Hunting in the snow and ice. Hunting will be permitted even in the snow and ice, in other words, those times of the year when the animals have a very hard time finding food, refuge and heat.
Let me go back to the issue of using birds as decoys! How medieval is that! Owlets tied by their claws and wings and used as bait!
- Less control over hunting. Fauna and flora guards will no longer be able to carry out inspections! In a Country that has one of the highest rates of poaching in the whole of Europe, what does Senator Orsi go and do? He reduces controls over hunting!
- The “Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali” (National Animal Protection Body) chucked off the National Technical Committee. The number of environmental associations represented on the committee of 157 are reduced from four to three. “ENPA”, the historical Italian animal association, is completely excluded.
Circulate this document and register on the wild animal protection lists on the various blogs and on Facebook.
Let’s stop Italy from resorting to this type of barbarity. Nature is our life."
The text of the Franco Orsi Bill (PDL) compared with that of the current law, drawn from the LIPU


1. Contact tthe members of the Senate Territorial and Environmental Committee that will be discussing the Orsi Bill.
2. Send an-email with your comments and/or suggestions regarding the bill directly to Franco Orsi
3. Join the group on Facebook

Photo of enricofede07x

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5 Star towns: CONNECTIVITY

A person without ears and without a mouth. A monster straight out of a Stephen King novel. This is the Italian citizen without connectivity. Access to information via the Internet must be free, recognized like your ID card. Services via Internet have to be accessible from Castel Volturno to Pizzo Calabro, from the outskirts of Rome to the villages of the Apennines. The Pisanu law that limits the development of Wi-Fi hotspots has to be abolished. The Internet must become like the air. From a park bench or from a bar. From a tunnel on the motorway to a train. Everywhere. The backbone of Internet access has to be separated out from those who provide the services. It has to be returned into public hands, not to Mediaset and it must provide a public service. The towns must consider Internet coverage at the same level as the provision of water. Essential. Vital. For work. For communicating. For community formation. To be informed. The Internet is transparency. Town Council meetings should be filmed by the town council, prepared by the town council and transmitted in live streaming on YouTube. Towns without Internet connection or with limited access speeds are out of the game. The true Digital Divide for work and for information is between the connected towns and the unconnected ones. Connectivity is work. It promotes local services and production. Connectivity is tourism. Connectivity is democracy. Five Star Towns are connected towns.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

The national meeting of the Lists of the 5 star towns will be in Florence at the Saschall Theatre on Sunday 8 March 2009.
The Five Stars correspond to five specific areas: Water, Energy, Development, Environment and Transport. Today I’m publishing the article on CONNECTIVITY (DEVELOPMENT). Use the comments facility to send in your thoughts.

Sign up to the national meeting of the 5 star towns on 8 March.

1. Digital citizenship for every resident.
2. Encourage the introduction of Wimax stations for Mobile and widespread access to the Internet and at the same time, demand the widespread availability of ADSL.
3. Widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the territory of a town for maximum coverage, and especially in the areas where most people go.
4. Whenever possible, availability of local authority services via Internet.
5. Public town council meetings in live streaming via Internet.
6. Give incentives for the creation of teleworking areas.
7. By bringing together the different areas of production and of services, provide online promotion of what is on offer in the town.
8. Public access to the Internet in public places, like libraries.
9. Promote courses about computing and the Internet.
10. Equip local schools with Internet access points (PCs, printers etc.) for the scholars and the teachers.

PS. Participate in the 5 Star town forum about Connectivity.

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4 March 2009

Nano stars

And Pippo dissociated himself ...
Can you imagine Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Moore, Joan Baez, David Lettermann during an election campaign for georgedabliubush? Imagine them keeping quiet on the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq? Imagine them shrugging off the destruction of the planet and the refusal of the Kyoto agreement desired by the oil lobby? The same people that have been financing the republican presidencies in the last decade.
The American Star System wanted Obama and they suffered Bush. In Italy the stars are nano, fixed, and indifferent to everything. Our own Star Nano System, like Fiat, is always for the government. The doormat Fazio, big baby Jovanotti, the rubbish collector Pino Daniele, the silent Vasco Rossi, mother’s boy Baglioni. The attendants Bonolis and Gerry Scotti. The former companion De Gregori, the optimist Pieraccioni. The Eagle of Arcore Iva Zanicchi. Mr. Benigni in the arms of Mastella for a fistful of Euros.
No one who denounced the lodo Alfano, the nuclear power stations, the death of parliamentary democracy, the corruptor of Mr Mills, the incinerator. I invited a few of them to V Day. They didn’t come, apart from the rare exception. They were busy. If they had participated, then “good-bye” to TV, producers, soirées, nice homes, invitations to the feasts of the parties and advertising.
Baudo dissociated himself on live TV when I said that the socialists were thieves and he kept his job. Today no one dissociates themselves anymore. Who do they dissociate themselves from? They would have to dissociate themselves from themselves. They have achieved the tranquillity of a fixed position. At Piazza Farnese, at Chiaiano, at the Grey Mouse Night in Genoa, there was no nano star.
The influence of the System’s cloned nano stars on public opinion is enormous in a TV State as Italy still is. Silence is golden, the word is silvered, and power is leaden. A lead head.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

PS: for the good ones, the few that are left, I’ll do a separate article.

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3 March 2009

Dying of starvation/1


Strip tease for precarious workers

Someone is knocking on the door. You open and everything changes. The letter saying you are sacked has arrived for you too. You are no longer one of the Modern Slaves kept alive by a paltry wage. And you are not even a candidate for a White Death who has a job anyway. Now you are one who is Starving to Death. You have the right to the “social card”. You are one of the new two or perhaps three millions of unemployed in 2009.
The moment of detachment, of walking out of the factory or of the company is a state of trance. Your brain is floating and everything is under discussion. Anyone who has lived through it or who is living through it, knows that it is like a tiny stroke. You feel as though you are lost In nothingness and you don’t know what to do. The day before, the gates of the factory were open and you talked with your companions about politics or about football. Then the company closes, without rhyme or reason and without warning anyone. You find yourself at 6 o’clock in the morning in front of the gates with your colleagues and with the bobbies. Not much conversation. Lots of truncheon blows.
If you are a precarious worker, you have no protection. If you are an employee you have the pay for those laid off for a few months. You are outside the system and you only understand that now. Unemployment is contagious. If a company closes then often their suppliers close down too. If the number of unemployed people goes up in one area, then shops and supermarkets close down there too. The unemployed person, the modern person who is dying of starvation, is a virus. Living in a land governed by the richest man, by the parliamentarians who are the most numerous and the most well paid, starting with the pensions to senators and deputies after two and a half years. In the city, he is surrounded by 4x4’s, by tax dodgers who defraud the State of 250 billion Euro a year, by employees of organised crime, the top company in the country for turnover. He’s not a politician, a tax dodger, a criminal, that’s why he is unemployed. He has lived in a separate world where the word “honesty” had a meaning.
I see dignified people asking for alms in the stations or pressing the telephone token buttons in the metro stations. A lady asked me for a few Euros. She hadn’t recognised me. She didn’t know she was taking to a person from Genoa, crikey! She told me she was hungry. She was not a non-European-Community-person, a clandestine, a Roma. She was Italian and she had no work. She was a new “dying of starvation” person.
Every day, the blog receives stories of new people who are dying of starvation, about how they lost their job. I have decided to collect these together into a book that I will publish in digital format that can be downloaded free from the blog.
Tell your stories and put a shine on your clogs.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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2 March 2009

The perpetual plot machine


The perpetual plot machine - - Marco Travaglio
"MAFIOCRAZIA", the THIRD Passaparola DVD is now available

”Good day to you all.
Today we will present a few news items that you will have found in the newspapers falsified, turned upside-down or in fact not mentioned at all. They are all news items that belong to a new tendency of Italian journalism. Always with the ever rarer exceptions that are due, that is, that if a trial finished up badly for a powerful man it’s not talked about or it is trivialised. If it finishes well for the powerful man who comes out OK, then there is great emphasis on it.
It’s talked about with a huge clamour and excitement; but on the other hand, the trials against the poor souls can only go one way: badly for them, because if it goes well for them there is a great hullabaloo and immediately there’s a clamour against the easy-release-from-prison, easy-absolutions and do-good-ism.
Anyway it’s what always happens when there’s a powerful man on trial: the trials against the powerful regularly end up with furious polemics about the magistrates, both when the trial ends up with a “not guilty” verdict, or with a “guilty” verdict or when they are sent for trial.

The perpetual plot machine

Why do I say this? Because they have invented the perpetual plot machine. I’ll give you an example: if a powerful man is under investigation and is sent for trial, there you get the polemics about the levelling of the judge who is siding with the ideas of the public prosecutor and thus it is necessary to make sure there are separate careers because the fact that the judge considers the public prosecutor to be right, indicates that the magistrates have been plotting together. That happens if there is a guilty verdict or if the person is sent for trial, basically if there is a negative outcome for the powerful man.
If a powerful man is investigated and then the case is dismissed, or he is found to be not guilty, then there are polemics because he has been persecuted for years and now finally a judge has recognised the truth, and has brought down the hypothesis of the public prosecutor. That is the proof that there was a plot."


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1 March 2009

No Nuke - Lester Brown


ENEL and nuclear power stations in Slovakia

Nuclear power will not get through. The line of battle will be what the citizens know. In fact, those who know nuclear power, its costs, its effects, the enormous risks, avoid it and tell whoever promotes it to Fxxx off. The blog has interviewed some of the most important energy experts in the world on the topic of nuclear power and alternative energy sources. Their evidence will be collected together on a DVD entitled "No Nuke". It will be available in May.
Why does the psycho-nuke want nuclear power? Why does Ms Marcegaglia of the incinerators want it “very soon”? It’s a matter of money, of our money, of our taxes. The nuclear industry, that is being abandoned in the whole world, needs enormous investment, it needs permanent help from the State. It’s a great big cake that makes the tax on the electricity bill that’s used for incinerators, look like a tiny shadow. If the CIP6 has sucked billions from renewable energy to give it to the industrialists and to the oil barons, nuclear power will gift tens of billions of Euro to the Confindustria and to Monsieur Sarkozy. The French nuclear industry needs to export its technology in order to survive.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Lester Brown, from "No Nuke".
”In the Earth Policy Institute, where we study different forms of alternative energy, the first thing we look at is the economic calculation… People ask: will we have to convert to nuclear power, or go back to nuclear power? I believe that in the United States no one has bought any nuclear power station for about 29 years… the cost of the electricity tariffs for a nuclear power station should include the costs for the disposal of the waste products, the costs of insurance against nuclear accidents, the cost of construction and of dismantling the plant. In the United States we have discovered that the cost of dismantling a power station is higher than the cost of construction. When we consider all the costs, a nuclear power station doesn’t even get out of the packaging: it’s simply not competitive… In the United States we have 103 nuclear power stations, and all are more than 30 years old. There is still no structure for the permanent stockpiling of the waste products. But we have invested 90 billion dollars in the development of a structure underneath the Yucca, in Nevada… It’s an investment of a billion dollars for each power station, it is extraordinarily costly. What the operators try to do is to offload the costs onto the governments and thus onto the taxes of the tax-payers. Because they know that if they had to add the costs to the electricity bill, the consumers would not accept that…”

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28 February 2009

The silence is mafia-like


The roots of the Second Republic

Yesterday this blog posted an interview held with Gioacchino Genchi, who is accusing the secret service and certain politicians of involvement in the deaths of Falcone and Borsellino. Genchi is not some or other nobody. According to the psychodwarf, he is the man that wiretapped 350,000 Italians’ telephones. The greatest spy in history since Mata Hari.
I knew that there could only be two possible reactions to Genchi’s words, which were some of the harshest ever uttered against that which we insist on calling and thinking of as the State. Either to make him out to be a mythomaniac, or to drop a veil of absolute, mafia-like silence in all the newspapers and television channels.

”Omertà” (conspiracy of silence) has prevailed. No one saw or heard anything. Not Mieli, not Riotta and not Mauro.
The Genchi video has become the most often viewed clip on YouTube in the past twenty-four hours, yet none of the national media bothered to report on its content. An information paradox. If they shut down the Web, then darkness will descend upon this Country. The Cupola of the Press is stronger and more united than the Cosa Nostra. Genchi told the truth and proof of this lies in the fact that, as far as the media are concerned, Genchi doesn’t exist and the names of the people behind the murders of Falcone and Borsellino cannot even be mentioned.

Genchi said the following:
"This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know the extent of the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians."
Genchi was present in via D'Amelio, he saw the charred remains of Borsellino, he handled the investigation regarding the signal that set off the bomb, so what he says is not hearsay. Borsellino was threatened and he went to his mother’s house every Sunday, yet the State didn’t even close off the parking area in front of the building with a barrier. Genchi was not the only person to speculate that the via D'Amelio massacre signalled the beginning of the Second Republic.

Antonio Ingroia, Public Prosecutor of Palermo:
"The truth must be uncovered at all costs. It is my belief that the so-called Second Republic is founded on the blood shed by many public servants, magistrates and police officers " (*).

From the decision handed down by the Administrative Court of Caltanisetta in the Borsellino case-3:
"It was precisely for the purpose of facilitating the establishment new political contacts that it was necessary to eliminate those who, like Borsellino, would have discouraged any attempt to approach the Cosa Nostra and backtrack the anti-mafia activities, standing up and revealing, even publicly from the lofty heights of his professional status and the nobility of his commitment, any sign of surrender by the State or its political representatives " (*).

If the information doesn’t exist, then let us become information sources. What we need is a new CLN. A National Liberation Committee for information. Post the text of the interview with Genchi on your blogs, translate it into all other languages and forward it to other foreign blogs that you know. Create a link to the video on Youtube. Create your own videos with your own analyses and observations.

They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

(*) Texts drawn from the book entitled "L'agenda rossa di Paolo Borsellino" by Lo Bianco/Rizza.

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27 February 2009

Gioacchino Genchi makes accusations


Interview held with Gioacchino Genchi

There’s nothing more to say about this interview.
Beppe Grillo.

Interview held with Gioacchino Genchi:

"For the past twenty years I have worked as a technical consultant for the judicial authorities, a job that began almost by accident when, with the advent of the new penal procedure code, this position was created in terms of articles 359 and 360, which grant the Public Prosecutor’s Office the option to use the services of technical experts in any field whenever there are important activities to be performed. I am sorry that Martelli forgot, but Cossiga actually reminded me of the fact that it was the very same new penal procedure code that President Cossiga himself promulgated that made provision for this post, which is a very modern type of post at that. A post that exists in the most civilised and advanced legal systems and so, whereas previously the Public Prosecutor’s Office had been very limited and could only make use the services of the Criminal Police Department for any special investigations, now the new penal code made provision for this type of post.
Therefore, when it comes down to finding out the truth in any criminal case, finding out the truth also meaning in favour of the person under investigation or the accused, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is no longer limited as regards whose services they may use. I held this post within the Department of Public Safety.

We did some important work with Arnaldo La Barbera, with Giovanni Falcone and then also regarding the massacres. When it became necessary for the Public Prosecutor’s Office to bring in an outsider, perhaps someone who would not be influenced by the executive powers, and here I am referring specifically to investigations involving white collar workers, magistrates and top political figures, the Public Prosecutor’s Office preferred to avoid the possibility of any political entities and executive powers influencing any choices taken by the public administration departments where the various people worked.
In accepting this appointment, I made an ethical choice, in other words, I chose to give up my career and my salary so as to concentrate all of my efforts on my work for the magistrature. Instead of being appreciated, this choice on my part was instead used by my detractors who, until very recently, proceeded to attack me in Parliament.

Minister Brunetta had no choice but to admit that the granting of the unpaid leave of absence that I had requested was perfectly in order and had been considered by the various State Departments, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Public Service Ministry and by the Office of Prime Minister Berlusconi, in other words, by the very same people that then proceeded to attack me in such a violent and absurd manner, telling those lies about me that made the Italians laugh about this entire hullabaloo surrounding me, this apparent national danger constituted by one person that has been working with the judges and the Public Prosecutors on Mafia cases, massacres, homicides an some of the most important mafia and political activities that have taken place in Italy.

Perhaps for them it is a national danger! For all those people that attacked me, and this is the best part (and here I will keep quiet because I cannot say too much since I am sworn to secrecy), It makes me laugh because all those gentlemen journalists that attacked me, from Farina through to Luca Fazzo, to Lionello Mancini of the Sole 24 ore newspaper, to “La Stampa” journalist Ruotolo, are none other than the main role players in the matters that I was looking into. This is the part that is so absurd!

The very same politicians that are now busy attacking me are none other than the main players that I was investigating at the time. From Rutelli through to Martelli, the Martelli that was well known at the time of Falcone. We are talking about people that that fell within the scope of my activities. Martelli because his name appeared in Falcone’s computers when they were tampered with and Rutelli because he is a friend of Saladino and his name cropped up in tapped telephone conversations between Saladino and Mastella, because of the evidence that we all know about, and so forth. Later I will talk mention the names of those that spoke during Question Time in the Chamber, that journalist that drafted the press release, what a joke! By the bye, these guys don’t even have the common decency to get someone else to come in on their behalf.

No, they appear in person! They do this knowing full well that they were personally under investigation. This is absurd. It makes me laugh because the Italian population sees this great wiretapper who supposedly spied on all Italians, but why would I have wanted to spy on all the Italians? Just to hear them admit that they cannot get to the end of the month on their salaries? To hear them say that their children have lost their jobs and are now unemployed? That we are in the middle of an economic crisis? I ask the question again, why would I want to spy on the Italians? Who precisely are all these Italians that are afraid of Gioacchino Genchi?

The only ones that are afraid of Gioacchino Genchi are those with a guilty conscience and those with a guilty conscience are precisely those that attacked me. Not to mention the fact that all they have achieved by attacking me is to confirm all of my suspicions about them. Indeed even more suspicions than even I was aware of so I probably underestimated the Rutelli’s role in the “Why not” inquiry.

Rutelli has shown that he probably has a skeleton in his cupboard and that is why he behaved as he did. When the truth eventually come out into the open, then we will understand the precise nature of Rutelli’s relationship was with Saladino, what Senator Mastella’s relationship with him was, the role played by his son, the one who made use of telephones belonging to the Chamber of Deputies... everything will become clear! From beginning to end. That is another reason why they had to abolish the practice of wiretapping at all costs and why they had to strip the magistrates of their power to authorise wiretaps, especially given the results that had been achieved, namely as regards Vallettopoli, Saccà, Rai, etcetera. However, without any problems, the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately began instituting proceedings against Dr. Genchi, a matter that was completely outside their jurisdiction and had about as much to do with them as cabbage for tea. Instead it had everything to do with them because the ex Chief Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, and let me say “fortunately ex”, used these printouts like a fig leaf in order to hide all his misdeeds and later as a parachute by not using them in Catanzaro, where the new Chief Public Prosecutor would probably have immediately sent them through to Salerno.
The truth is that those printouts constitute proof of their criminal guilt. Their guilt, not mine. So, he didn’t send the printouts to Salerno, which had jurisdiction, he didn’t send them to the Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, who would then have had an opportunity to view the printouts and thus discover what was in them, he didn’t send them to the office of the Public Prosecutor of Palermo, from where I did my work, but he sent them to Rome, which has nothing to do with the matter.

So what he does is parachute these printouts and misses the landing because the Public Prosecutor’s office he chooses is one that cannot do anything right. Also because those printouts also contained, amongst others, inquiries regarding the Public Prosecutor of Rome! Whom we are busy investigating. So now the Public Prosecutor of Rome is investigating not only me, but also certain magistrates working for the Public Prosecutor of Rome. This is a repeat of what happened between Salerno and Catanzaro, and what had already happened between Milan and Brescia at the time of the investigations regarding Di Pietro. With one difference, namely that, at the time, the body responsible for the investigations was known as the “Gico”, whereas now it is known as the “Ros”, but essentially nothing has changed.

In the final analysis, however, I must say that I nevertheless have faith in our justice system. They have attempted to turn everyone against me and they tried to say, for example, that because there was ongoing collaboration with the Public Prosecutor of Milan, and between De Magistris and the Public Prosecutor of Milan, as well as personal friendship between De Magistris and Spartaro, that Spartaro’s printouts were acquired. How absurd! No such situation has ever existed. Not even maybe! How can they deny De Magistris the support of the associated magistrature? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he did take Spartaro’s printouts. How can we set the Upper Council of the Magistrature up against De Magistris? Let’s say that he took Mancino’s printouts. What then?

Now the “Ros” people are saying that in the printouts that I took there are heaven alone knows how many lines belonging to the Upper Council of the Magistrature. We never acquired any printouts concerning the Upper Council of the Magistrature, what we did acquire were certain printouts pertaining to magistrates themselves, that we did, and amongst them were a number of very specific individuals from the national anti-mafia prosecution, two of them, only two of whom have any contact with the Upper Council of the Magistrature.

He investigated the “Quirinale”! Since when? However, if someone within the “Quirinale” made a call to, or received a call from one of the individuals that we are legitimately investigating, then we need Upper Council of the Magistrature to find out who the person within the “Quirinale” is that has been in contact with these people, but it doesn’t mean that I have acquired printouts concerning the “Quirinale”. Irrespective of whether or not such a thing occurred, it would in any event have been completely legitimate because, to be clear, in Italy, investigations are not only conducted on drug addicts, preferably immigrant ones, or on those that come ashore at Lampedusa, against whom anything is permissible, including the creation of lagers.

Everyone is equal before the law. All of us are subject to the law! Just to be clear on that point. They need to understand this. The minute anyone dares to touch any of these gentlemen, even as lightly as a feather, these gentlemen immediately rebel and attempt to destroy those with the courage to simply do their job.
The Italians have understood this. They have also understood that how they have been vilifying this Dr. Genchi, and now I will publish all of my work. I will publish everything from beginning to end, including all of the rulings handed down by the Court of Cassation, the Courts of Appeal, the Administrative Courts, all of the Courts that have handed down hundreds of years’ worth of sentences thanks to my work.
But the rulings that I am most proud of are not the guilty ones, but rather the not-guilty ones! Those people that were unjustly accused also thanks to the work done by the people of the “Ros” and that were facing life sentences, but who were eventually found not-guilty thanks to my work! Those people that were in prison. People who were in jail because the mistook the owner of a SIM card. Yet now these gentlemen come along and accuse me of doing the same things as they have done..., but they are totally wrong!
The worst is that all of these lies and this stream of hogwash has been perpetrated within no lesser organisation than Copasir! The body that is charged with overseeing the security services, not the consultants and magistrates that do their work within the security services! We discovered evidence of collusion between members of the security services and certain companies that work for the security services, that work in the field of wiretapping and that build barracks on the basis of privately negotiated contracts worth millions of Euros, that is what we were working on! We were working on that when they stopped us because they were all about to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar! That is the real truth.

That is the honest truth and they have now provided me with the perfect opportunity to reveal the truth because, as a person who is under investigation, I am no longer subject to confidentiality clauses since I have the right to defend myself! I have to defend myself against a prosecution that cannot get anything right due to lack of jurisdiction, namely the Public Prosecutor of Rome, so I will defend myself at the Roma Prosecutor’s office.

However, the truth will most certainly come to light! And there is no need for any archives or additional information because there are three or four simple facts. The required recordings of Saladino’s pnonecalls, about ten in all, made prior to the time when De Magistris began his investigations, which are very telling indeed! The attack against me originated precisely from those individuals that I identified on the evening of nineteen July 1992, immediately after the massacre in via D'Amelio, while I could still see Paolo Borsellino’s corpse burning and poor Emanuela Loi that was falling apart within the walls of number nineteen, via D'Amelio, where the bomb went off. I am still seeing the same people, the same individuals and the same matter now that I found at the time!
No one has yet told me that I am insane. Indeed, I may well be dangerous or terrible, but no one has yet told me that I am insane. Therefore, the things that I’ saying are not the words of a madman, because I can prove all of these things. This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know about the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians.

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26 February 2009

Banks of the government and of robbery


The Great Flight

The banks and the regulatory authorities are the main ones responsible for the financial catastrophe. In the last few years, Where have the Bank of Italy, Consob, ABI, the Ministers of the Treasury been? People like Tremorti and Padoa Schioppa? Like Fazio and Draghi? Like Geronzi, Passera, and Profumo? The mayors who have invested the taxes of the citizens in derivatives? The financial analysts? The economic journalists? People like Cardia and Capuano? The rubbish shares, the futures without a future, the subprime sub-primes, the CDOs, the holes in the balance sheets, the banking liabilities without guarantees. Either these gentlemen knew everything and thus are criminals and should be prosecuted, or they are incompetents and should be sacked as soon as possible.
Renewal has to start with the pinnacle of finance. To get rid of the politicians and leave the bankers in place is of no use. The next time round, the ones who have control of the financial system will elect other figureheads, who are willing servants or are business partners.
To save the country that has been destroyed by the banks they are lending money to the banks without getting rid of those responsible. It’s an upside down world. They are using public money, the fruit of the taxes of the families to reward those who ravished the savings of the citizens. Without even asking for renewal, with Passera and Geronzi still in post with salaries of millions of Euros. Instead of taking a step back, they have taken two steps forward. The ones who are responsible are rewarded. Often the citizens have lost everything. If you are starving and you steal ham from a supermarket, they arrest you. If you throw millions of families into poverty you become President of Mediobanca
A collective clearing away is taking place
The banks control the newspapers, they are present in the Boards of Directors of the publishing groups. The financial tsunami is described as a supernatural event, something inevitable, something cosmic. The top brass in the banks are the victims of the situation not the ones responsible for it. In recent years, how much have the bankers gained in stock options thanks to the toxic shares? After the crisis, by how much have their salaries gone down? I think that it’s necessary to have a public discussion with data, names, position, illegal gains of those who have been at the top of the financial institutions and their journalist accomplices. Meanwhile, not a single Euro from the State to the banks.

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